Sunday, October 4, 2009

Food...what are you feeding Fido?

I haven't always been so diligent about what I feed my dogs, but lesson learned. Have you ever read the ingredients on the bag of food that you feed your dogs? Do you see corn, any kind of meat by-product or sugar? If so, you are not feeding your dog quality food. The first ingredient should never be corn, it's filler...and by-products, ew don't even get me started about what makes up by-products. So what to do if you are feeding your pooch a less than superior option? Switch it up, better now than never. Yes, I know better foods are more expensive but in the long run the health benefits of quality food are immeasurable and can you put a price on extending the life of your dog? So what do I feed my dogs? The Honest Kitchen. I also mix it up adding sweet potatoes, pumpkins, plain yogurt and organic chicken to name a few. I have to say though, The Honest Kitchen is one of the best foods out there and the people behind the company are wonderful. They were the best when I had questions about what was the best option for my dogs and they really care about dogs. I can't say enough good things about them. Their food is 100% organic with human grade ingredients, plus my dogs go CRAZY for it...literally spinning around in circles when I break out the box. PS they are offering a coupon on their site for first time customers, click here.

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